19 de septiembre de 2013

As long as you're okay

Adam: Where have you been? I've been waiting ages for you.
Eden: My neighbors got robbed. 
They're saying it's a thief from down below. 
There's hunters with guns and border patrol trucks.
Adam: Are you serious?
Eden: Don't make that face. I made it here, right?
Adam: Well look, as long as you're okay. 
Hey look, I'll throw it up. All right, ready?
Eden: All right, Adam
Adam: Are you tied on?
Eden: I'm good.
Adam: All right, I'm pulling down.
Eden: Don't drop me.

11 de septiembre de 2013

To fall up and to rise down

I come from the only known solar system with two twin planets, 
each with its own equal and opposite gravity. 
Now in our world it's possible to fall up and to rise down.

10 de septiembre de 2013

It just feels like something's missing.

I'm Eden, Eden Moore
Um, I had an accident when I was a teenager. 
Everything before that is gone. Sometimes things come back to me
 in dreams but I'm never sure if they're real or I'm making them up. 
It's frustrating, you know. I know that whatever's missing,
 it's in there, but it scares me. 
Mostly, it just feels like something's missing.