28 de mayo de 2011

You’ll always have her there, always...

Peter: I’m sorry I was so horrible.
James: Don’t worry.
Peter: It’s just... I thought she’d always be here.
James: So did I. And in fact, she is. 
 Because she’s on every page of your imagination. 
You’ll always have her there, always.
Peter: But why did she have to die?
James: I don’t know, boy. When I think of your mother, I’ll always remember how happy she looked sitting there in the parlor, watching a play about her family. About her boys that never grew up. She went to Neverland. And you can visit her any time you like, if you just go there yourself.
Peter: How?
James: By believing, Peter. Just believe.

Why, you wouldn’t recognize love if you met it!

Do you think it makes people nasty to be loved? You know it doesn’t! Then why should it make them nice to be loathed? While you’re being persecuted, you hate what’s happening to you, you hate the people who are making it happen; you’re in a world of hate. 
Why, you wouldn’t recognize love if you met it! You’d suspect love! You’d think there was something behind it some motive, some trick.

27 de mayo de 2011

In rage or in love...

Think of two people, living together day after day, year after year, in this small space, standing elbow to elbow cooking at a small stove, squeezing past each other on the narrow stairs, shaving in front of the same small bathroom mirror, constantly jogging, jostling, bumping into each other’s bodies by mistake or on purpose, sensually, aggressively, awkwardly, impatiently, in rage or in love ... think what deep though invisible tracks they must leave, everywhere, behind them!

25 de mayo de 2011

We’re born alone, we die alone...

I mean, we’re born alone, we die alone. 
And while we’re here we are absolutely, 
completely sealed in our own bodies. 
Really weird.
 Kinda freaks me out to think about it. 
We can only experience the outside world 
through our own slanted perception of it. 
Who knows what you’re really like. 
I just see what I think you’re like

22 de mayo de 2011

I have decided will be different

For the first time in my life I can't see my future. 
Everyday goes by in a haze, but today...
 I have decided will be different

21 de mayo de 2011

I have lived my live on these moments

A few times in my life Iʼve had moments of absolute clarity. 
When for a few brief seconds the silence drowns out the noise 
and I can feel rather than think… 
And things seem so sharp and the world seems so fresh. 
I can never make these moments last.
I cling to them, but like everything they fade. 
I have lived my live on these moments. 
They pull me back to the present and
 I realize that everything is exactly 
the way it was meant to be.

20 de mayo de 2011

I was waiting for her to come back.

And that was it...
That was all that was scattered to the winds...
Casper was gone. Schumann was lost...
Candy was off getting better. The coast Rehab
And I...Was...I was just...

The world was full of startling new concepts.
 I couldn't think. I couldn't breathe. 
I was waiting for her to come back. 
 Because she was everything. 
She was everything to me.

19 de mayo de 2011

Everything's dead. Everything's turning blue...

Dan: Candy You okay?

I was so frightened.

I'm Sorry. I didn't really understand what was happening...Candy?

Everything's dead. 
Everything's turning blue.

18 de mayo de 2011

I hate the sound of your voice.

Where were you?
Don't you fuck this one with your negative comments.

What are you doing?
Going back to my art. 
Does not mean anything to you?
Have you been fuckingt that guy?
You do not know what you're talking about.
Where have you been all night?
Away from you.
You fucked him, didn't you?
Firstly... You do not know what you're talking about.
Secondly... I hate the sound of your voice.
Thirdly... Why don't you just fuck off? I mean, really!

17 de mayo de 2011

We'll never end.

I'm scared.
There's nothing to be scared of.
There's nothing to be scared of.
Do you think we're going to end?
We'll never end.
It'll end.It's not gonna work.

16 de mayo de 2011


Everything we ever did...we did with the best of intentions
But events tumble! and the years pile up.
The world is very bewildering to a junkie...and still... 
you cling to the concept of change

15 de mayo de 2011

We're really fuckin' doing it!

We can really do this, Candy.
It's going to be hard, but...I'm sure it's like a bridge...
And once we cross it, everything will be okay.
You can get back into your painting again...
Maybe we'll move to the country...Grow some veggies...Feed the chickens...
We could go live in Thailand...Thailand would be great, or the Himalayas.
We'll go canoeing...A bit of white water rafting...
Get healthy, sleep well...not have drugs in our system.
How good would that be?
We really have to do this. We have to do it this time.
Yeah, we will. We are.We're really fuckin' doing it!

14 de mayo de 2011

Day 1

Day 1
We knew what we had to do. 
It takes a 
lot of planning to stop.
Lucky at last! 

How fucking weird. One night...

Danny! I'm pregnant.
Shit. Candy. Fuck.It couldn't be, uh...
No. I'd know if a condom broke, I'd know. It was the night I broke your skull. How fucking weird. One night. I can get an abortion.
No. No, no way! This is good. 
It was meant to be. This is what we need.
We've got to stop using.
Yea...Yeah, of course.

12 de mayo de 2011

We're junkies! I am a hooker! He's hopeless!

Phillip: Hello....Anybody home?
Dan: Who the fuck are you?
Phillip: Phil.Phillip Dudley, from Commercial Realty. I've written to you lately.

Candy: What's the problem?
Phillip: Well...We've been writing to you about... I've got these er... hang on...Er, here they are! Copies of the three letters we've sent you recently... Relating to the matter of your er, rent in arrears. I'm here to confirm that the 3rd of these letters is in actual fact a notice to vacate. Effective 7 days hence.
Phillip: Well of course it was...28 days when you received the letter. Now, what I'm actually here for today...shortfall owing on the fault of your bond. 
Assuming... you've paid no more rent between now and next wednesday... We've calculated that the shortfall will be er... $1,125.
Listen, Phillip...we're junkies! I am a hooker! He's hopeless! Right now, things are very complicated! We haven't got any money.

11 de mayo de 2011

I fuck men I hate!

Do you know... Do you know what I do?
Listen to this, dick fuck!
What do I do all day?
I fuck men I hate!

The anxiety was a full time job!

They say that for every 10 years you've been a junkie...
You will have spent 7 of them waiting.
One way is not bad have as much time to think
On the other, the anxiety was a full time job!

10 de mayo de 2011

We are the coolest people in McDonalds!

Think we should stop?
What? Now that we're respectable?
Yeah, I know! You know what I mean.
Whenever you say the word.
We are the coolest people in McDonalds!

One Flesh ♥

Will you marry me?
We will be man and wife.
One flesh.

9 de mayo de 2011

And watch movies late at night...

Casper was like the dad you always wanted...
The one that lets you have lollies and fizzy drinks.
He lets you stay up late, and watch the late night movies

8 de mayo de 2011

I want to stay with you forever... ♥

The future or the thing that gleamed.
The present was so very, very good.
I wasn't trying to wreck Candy's life...
I was trying to make mine better.

We wanted to share absolutely everything.Especially the best bits.

I want to stay with you forever ♥.

2 de mayo de 2011

It's like watching Paris from an express caboose

There is something demoralizing about watching two people get more and more crazy about each other, especially when you are the only extra person in the room. It's like watching Paris from an express caboose heading in the opposite direction...every second the city gets smaller and smaller, only you feel it's really you getting smaller and smaller and lonelier and lonelier, rushing away from all those lights and excitement at about a million miles an hour